Promo-Scout, that seems like an odd name for a company. But alas, there is a story behind this name, and it was born in 1964 (sort of). On the assembly line in Ft. Wayne Indiana - a 1964 International Scout was assembled and pushed off the line. Sometime after that an admired man name Mike acquired the Scout and it became his desert toy! Wait, who is Mike? In a sec….

In 2011 a playful puppy (A Yellow Lab) was born on a lake resort in Northern Minnesota - our kids (wanting a puppy) and us decided to take a road trip and look at a new litter of puppies….we drove home with one. And no, we had no supplies for a puppy. The first name he had was Dakota…it didn't stick. The new name was Scout - it stuck and stuck hard! Scout was the new family dog!

Back to Mike….Mike is the father of Connie Johnson and a guy who could fix and build most anything! And when he was around, he absolutely loved Scout (the dog). After a short battle with cancer, Mike passed prior to the pandemic and left his cherished Scout to Connie and Scout (the dog) often wondered where Mike went to.

Thus, Connie's original business, Connie's Stuff (because she could get stuff for people) and focused originally on embroidery. Starting with toilet paper rolls (ask us one day) and moved into other apparel, chef's coats and doctor's coats. Realizing she desired to be out actually talking to people and helping them “get stuff”, she sold the machines and started into the promotional products marketplace. In 2016, with the kids out of the house we moved to Arizona to be closer to our parents. Connie still dabbled with Connie's Stuff.

We all know what happened in 2020, but for us in 2019 Mike passed and in 2020 Scout (the dog) went to heaven (tumor) and our lives were unsettled. Connie decided to rename her company to Promo-Scout in honor of both her father and our dog. And then the business took off - almost like they were guiding us in our new journey!

So today - we are known as Promo-Scout, we focus on key clients providing the best service possible and a relationship that means you are family! We provide honest and transparent solutions to your needs. Because like Scout (the dog), we are there for you at all times!


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