MEET Connie Johnson

Top Dog


As the soul of the company, Connie exudes service and reliability! Her 25 plus years of providing a level of service her customers deserve, she can handle most anything that comes her way!

Interests/Hobbies - besides the kids, she loves to cook (and watch shows about cooking), house remodeling and travel! And now with free flight benefits…where in the world is Connie?


MEET Eric Johnson, MAS

Helper Dog


A behind the scenes kind of guy that can step out front and help any customer anytime, his 30 years as a promotional products supplier provides a unique viewpoint of the promotional products industry and the products available.

Interests/Hobbies - while wanting to spend 100% of his time focused on the kids (they really don't want or need that kind of focus), so while travel is desired, photography and mentoring others in marketing and business is his jam!


MEET Erin Johnson

Cat Mom (went to the dark side)


A really behind the scenes and support person when needed. Her fashion and Event Degree gives her an interesting perspective into how to use the products and what is relevant for an event.

Interests/Hobbies - when not spending time with her two cats (one mellow and one an agent of chaos) she loves cars (fast cars and long drives)! She will work with car clubs and related charities when she has time!


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